A remodelling and extension of a Lakeland farmhouse to create a unique 5000sqft home that retains the best of its traditional features and spaces while complementing them with contemporary ones connected with the surrounding fells.

Traditional rooms are retained in the existing farmhouse maintaining the snug feel of a Lakeland cottage providing shelter from a storm. These contrast with multi-level flowing spaces in the barn inspired extension where engagement with changing colours in the landscape and the mood of the sky provide a wholly different experience.

Contemporary roof-lights sit within a traditional slated roof capped with stone copings. Weather worn historic stone cills and jambs around existing openings are complemented by crisp modern stone surrounds in the same sandstone to new ones.

Above the entrance hallway that mediates between the existing farmhouse and the barn like extension the contrasts that define this home are most apparent. Seated on the bridge between the textural mass of the stone farmhouse wall, the frame of oak – itself a hybrid system with traditional pegged joints alongside stainless steel bracing – precise glass balustrades and the expansive windows. Here one can take in the views of the fells while being keenly aware of the contrasts of mass and frame, the contemporary and the traditional, shelter and exposure.