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Architecture519 have been involved with a local business in order to renovate a dilapidated former catholic chapel into a new state of the art music recording studio. A planning submission has now been submitted in order to replace an existing single storey extension in order to provide ancillary support accommodation to the recording studio, a decision on which is expected any time. In the meantime work is progressing on site to convert the main body of the building. The main concept for the conversion of the main building was to turn the existing main church hall into a large ‘Live’ recording room with a viewing gallery and associated control room. Careful consideration was given during the design stage in order to retain as many of the original features as possible. Work is expected to be completed on the main building by the end of the summer. Architecture519 hope to be challenging for the 2014 Christmas Number 1 once the studio is up and running.

Design Concept for the ‘Live’ recording room and viewing gallery

Existing church hall with small mezzanine

Work in progress